Sunday, August 3, 2008

You're Invited!

These days, cell phones, MP3 players and even sneakers are stylish, personalized and technologically progressive. So why are online invitations so stubbornly stuck in the past? This simple realization was the genesis behind pingg. pingg begins where others leave off seamlessly fusing style, design and customization with robust delivery and management features.

  • Create an actual invitation, as opposed to a mere link to a webpage, by choosing from a variety of unique images that reflect your own personal taste, including our Designer Series. Or you can upload your own images for a more personal touch.

  • Choose to send invitations via ONE or ALL of pingg’s methods- email, print (pingg will print, stamp and mail the invitations to your selected guests), sms/text, or easily share it with your social network. By integrating online and print invitations, pingg makes it easy to reach your guests in a variety of ways, while managing all guest replies online.

  • Customize your event webpage by uploading photos or videos, writing longer personalized messages and attaching additional information about the event. pingg also has advanced features for gift & charity registries, money collection and ticketing.

  • Manage all RSVPs, lists, guest messaging, follow-ups, reminders, last minute changes and Thank You notes efficiently and easily from one place.

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