Sunday, August 10, 2008

You're Invited to a Blogger Dinner Party!

The wise woman who blogs over at Barking Mad has come up with an amazing idea that she's shared with the blogosphere. Actually, I learned about the event from following her on Twitter.

In order to participate, I must invite ten bloggers to a virtual dinner party that I will host. The rules are simple. I can invite only ten but any ten bloggers.

The ten bloggers I would like to invite are:
  1. The Bloggess - Because she is truly the funniest fucking writer I know - or wish I knew - or "know" on line.
  2. Guy Kawasaki - Because the first time I met him I didn't get to ask him all the questions I would've liked to and plus, he is the manliest "guy" I know that still looks good in a pink hat and feathered boa.
  3. Lena Chen - Because she doesn't give a shit and we'd have a great deal to talk about...besides sex. Maybe.
  4. Mignon Fogarty - Because she's helping change the face of publishing having just authored a book inspired by her blog, Grammar Girl.
  5. Pete Cashmore - Because he's from Mashable and because I need to determine if he's as hot in person as he appears in his profile pic.
  6. No Minivan - Because like her, I'm a thirtysomething mom who is also a redhead (although mine is natural) and I also have a son (she has two boys). Unlike her, I grew up in the midwest and moved to SoCal and I LOVE my minivan.
  7. Rebecca Woolf - Like Mignon Fogarty, she went from blog to book with her Girl Gone Child memoir.
  8. Dana (aka Mamalogues) - Because she's the *bravest* blogger that I know of.
  9. Busy Dad - Because he has truly changed Friday & Saturday Nights with the creation of Weekend Blog Hoppers
  10. David - Because his blog, Dad's House, has truly changed the focus of my own.
This was not an easy list to compile but I'm thinking that the above company would truly make for a fabulous gathering of talented, humorous and interesting people who would inspire much laughter, arguments and perhaps tears - all for which would make an amazing blog post (or two).


Jenny, Bloggess said...

I would *totally* come to this party.

~Jenny, bloggess

Deb@Bird On A Wire said...

Now, that's a heck of a guest list! I'm almost jealous I couldn't be there. Maybe as a fly on the wall?

Mignon said...

Thanks for including me!

dadshouse said...

Wow, great list! I'm honored to be included. Now then - can Guy get his pink boa out of the artichoke dip? And would Rebecca please pass the salt? (Loved her book, btw)

Anonymous said...

I knew there was bound to be a downside to this whole dinner party thing. When will I sleep if I am discovering 10 new blogs every time I read someone's dinner party list?!