Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New from Kid Kustoms

Normally I don't promote companies who purposely mutilate the English language but Kid Kustoms are so kool that I couldn't help but post about their latest product as soon as I discovered them tonight.

The new Roddler is krazy in its unique design and kool in just how modern it truly is. State-of-the-art, kustom krafted and safety-tested, I may have to have a new baby just so I can buy one of these, although I'm sure my four-year-old boy wouldn't mind kruising around in one of these!

Since the new Roddler will be featured at the upcoming ABC Kids Expo event in Las Vegas, I'll be sure to take up close photos of the sleek and (dare I say) sexy stroller for hip moms, dads and babies everywhere.

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