Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Great Minivan Trade Up

I drive a minivan. I have a 2004 Nissan Quest and bought it when it was brand-spanking new. My son was just four months at the time and although I adored my four-door Honda Civic, it was nearly impossible, and also painful (after a c-section) to have to bend down, and crawl inside to snap my son's car seat into place. So, I did a little research on several minivans and decided that the Nissan Quest would be perfect for me.

This is my minivan (color and everything) even though I found the photo on line.

My parents drove a minivan while I was growing up. I loved being able to sit separately from my sister (we bickered back then) and truly enjoyed the privacy of the back-back seat. From way back there, I couldn't hear my parents (arguing) or asking me questions during that time in my life where I didn't want to communicate with anyone about anything (unless it had to do with clothes, music, or boys).

When I started to drive, I was allowed to take the minivan on occasion and I loved it. I could fit all seven of my best friends was like a party on wheels! The best thing about it is that the middle row of seats could be removed entirely and I could use it to sleep in when we went camping (I am so not the camper-type, despite what you all may think).

This experience of having a large vehicle (and being able to parallel park it), made me realize how fabulous it would be to have one to cart around my little baby, safely. I still drive it to this day, although it's a little dirty (outside and in). I think there's nearly 64,000 miles on it (it's been driven to Las Vegas, L.A. and Anaheim - several times) and just this week the windshield got a crack in it which will need to be replaced soon.

So, on with the point of this post. A fellow blogger, Dad of Divas, is on his own quest (pun intended, sorry) to get his hands on (and his little ones inside of) a minivan of his own. Read, in his own words, the story of The Great Minivan Trade Up project:

J-Mom and I have been looking at getting a minivan for quite some time, but for us it has been an issue of money (being on one income and all).

I have decided to try something a bit unconventional. In our research, J-Mom and I have decided that we really would like to get a Toyota Sienna. We chose this based on our test drives, safety features, reliability and overall value for the product.

Why a minivan you may say...well, if you have ever tried to lug around kids, family members, the kids' friends in vehicles that only hold 5-6 you may now understand our dilemma.

What I am offering is to try a new trade up project for a new (or very gently used - preferably new) Toyota Sienna. The specs we are looking for include: At least an LE version, automatic with tinted windows, side airbag and automatic features, air conditioning. If possible we would like some color choice (but I know beggars can't be choosers) Would I love the XLE package - you bet, but I am not trying to shoot for the moon (or maybe I should!)

Do I know whether this project will work, no. Do I hope it does work, sure thing!

I will promise this to all of my readers, if this does go anywhere, you are sure to hear more about it along the way no matter what happens (it should be fun). (I wonder how quickly something like this could potentially happen???)

What I am looking for is for people to offer trade ups that have some value to others. Seeing that I live in Northeastern Wisconsin and have a more limited travel budget, I am looking for things to be somewhat transportable (yet again, of value). If items are products, please make sure that items are in working order. If trades are for services, events, vacations, etc, please specify the parameters that must be followed.

So what do you get in return, well first, you get some items that may be valuable to you. Second you get to be a part of history! Third, you will get notoriety and free publicity as I will make a big deal regarding my trade ups! Fourth, for the person, company, etc, that does finally get me to my goal, I will promise you praise beyond compare on this site, and if you would like a continual product review (a year in the life per se of a Toyota Sienna owner)

So don't call me crazy, just call me industrious and creative... I look forward to what happens!

So be a part of history as I have never found anyone that has done this type of trade up... and help me to achieve my dream of becoming a minivan family!

Even if you don't want to trade up, please share this with friends, colleagues, other blog networks. Please Stumble or Digg this to get the word out. Thank you for your support!


Dad of Divas said...

Thanks for the shout out and hope that everyone will come in and join in on the fun!

HIP_M0M said...

No problem. I'm trying to come up with something to send for the trade up. Perhaps it's just me, but I think I need more direct instructions on how exactly it works...probably just me!

Dad of Divas said... is the simplistic way to think about it...

1) I started with one item
2) It was traded for a second more valuable item
3) This was traded up for another more valuable item

and so on and so forth...

Once I get a trade up for an item I poublicize it on my sites, twitter and facebook and the like...

The overall goal is to keep trading up until I get to my goal...

Does this make more sense?

HIP_M0M said...

That's what I figured, but I was hoping for just this: a simple set of instructions for my readers to fully understand what it is and how it works.


Dad of Divas said...

So were these instructions clear enough?

HIP_M0M said...