Thursday, August 7, 2008

Parenting Mistakes

I don't know who Craig Playstead is, but I agree with his every insight in regards to the 10 Big Mistakes Parents Make:
  1. Spoiling Kids
  2. Inadequate Discipline
  3. Failing to Get Involved at School
  4. Praising Mediocrity
  5. Not Giving Children Enough Responsibility
  6. Not Being a Good Spouse
  7. Setting Unrealistic Expectations
  8. Not Teaching Children to Fend for Themselves
  9. Pushing Trends on Kids
  10. Not Following Through
As always, with reference to the mention of spouses, I've replaced this word with the word partner since we do need to be positive role models when it comes to our adult, romantic relationships (whether we're married or not).

What mistakes have you made? I'm guilty of many of these but since learning from our mistakes can help us in the future, as well as others, I am not afraid to be the first to confess.


Mike said...

Concur with all of them, although I am not great with all of them. I think I score about an 85%.

Thanks for sharing,

Mrs. Tantrum said...

I agree with you..even though I am married, it is about being a good partner. Because kids need to learn about partnerships, not necessarily about marriage. This is a good list. Now lets just get it out to the masses and get everyone on the same page.

adymommy said...

I agree with you. Setting a good example in any partnership is important.

I am guilty of doing a few of these but I will never tell which ones:) OH and I will work on improving!

HIP_M0M said...

Mrs. Tantrum - I think this list needs to be distributed to each and every parent out there. I wish it were that easy.

adymommy - Thank goodness we're not actually keeping track. We're all guilty of making mistakes (from those on the list of otherwise).

Mike - I don't dare try to keep score...but as with everything, it's the awareness that helps us all strive to be better.

Thanks for your input!