Monday, August 11, 2008

20 Questions

Normally, I would think of the question and answer game when I hear "Twenty Questions," but from this point forward, I will participate in a different question and answer exercise now that I've been introduced to this set of questions from Marc and Angel.

Marc and Angel recommend that you ask yourself these 20 questions each week to maximize your potential:
  1. What Did I Learn Last Week?
  2. What Was My Greatest Accomplishment Over the Last Week?
  3. Which Moment From the Last Week Was Most Memorable and Why?
  4. What's the Number 1 Thing I Need to Accomplish This Week?
  5. What Can I Do Right Now To Make This Week Less Stressful?
  6. What Have I Struggled With in the Past That Might Also Affect the Upcoming Week?
  7. What Was Last Week's Biggest Time Sink?
  8. Am I Carrying Any Excess Baggage into The Week That Ca Be Dropped?
  9. What Have I Been Avoiding That Needs to Get Done?
  10. What Opportunities Are Still on the Table?
Read the remaining ten questions on the original post over at Marc and Angel Hack Life

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