Friday, August 1, 2008

I Dare You!

This morning, I logged in to Twitter (isn't that what we all do while the coffee's brewing?) and noticed a post by @lilfootsmommy that said simply, "Challenge me."

I was intrigued. I felt like I was back in junior high and someone across from me just chose Dare during a round of Truth or Dare.

So, I challenged her. Alright, so this isn't exactly a crazy, off-the-wall feat that I've challenged her with but knowing how I felt about running - before I actually started running - I thought this was a good idea. I challenged her to buy a pair of ishoes (big sacrifice, I know) and run her little butt off (she mentioned wanting to lose weight).

Since I felt it only fair, I also mentioned that I'd take on this challenge myself to see how much weight I could drop before my Las Vegas trip next month. Not that I am in a competition with her, mind you, I just want to have a running buddy - so to speak - to keep me motivated and to help inspire me with her tales of success.

But wait --- What if Lil Foots Mommy is a marathon runner? What if she's reading my response right now and rolling her eyes at my "challenge?" God, I totally feel like I'm in junior high again...

I'm picking up a pair of ishoes for myself, either way. Ever since I heard @guykawasaki talk about them I've been meaning to purchase a pair. It's on my to-do list for the weekend. Oh, and since Guy spoke at Stanford, I thought too about purchasing a bike since I grew pretty attached to the one I rented for my 8 days on campus - another challenge to be made!

Gotta run...

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lilfootsmommy said...

I totally accept your challenge! I am not a marathon runner, but would love to one day work up to doing a triathlon or biathlon. I am so excited to start this journey. Thanks for the challenge.