Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Hard Questions

My best friend of over fourteen years - whom I've known for over half my life - is getting married this fall. It's her birthday today so I want to dedicate this post to her and her future hubby (who I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet).

A few weeks back I picked up a copy of The Hard Questions by Susan Piver. Ever since my marriage ended, I've been very interested in books dealing with relationships and marriage.

This book contains 100 Questions to Ask Before You Say "I Do" and I hope that those who are thinking about getting married, planning the wedding or wondering if their current partner is "the one," will take the time to read this and answer these questions along with their significant other.

Here are just a few questions that can be found in the book:
  • How much will we spend on furnishings? Who will make these decisions? What factors are important in making these decisions (price, quality, style)? Do we want to be free to decorate as our tastes change, or do we expect to invest in quality that will last a lifetime?
  • What are our categories of expense (rent, clothing, insurance, travel)? How much do we spend monthly, annually, in each category? How much do we want to be able to spend? Now? In one year? Five years? Ten years?
  • Outside of the office, how much of our work time are we willing to put into work? What place does the other's job have in our home life? Do we have an office at home? Do we bring work home? How much time is spent working at home?
  • Are we satisfied with the frequency of lovemaking? How do we cope when our desire levels are unmatched?
  • Is each of us happy with the other's approach to health? Does one have habits or tendencies that concern the other (smoking, excessive dieting, poor diet)?
  • What place does the other's family play in our family life? How often do we visit or socialize together? If we have out-of-town relatives, will we ask them to visit us for extended periods? How often? For what length of time?
  • Who will take care of our child if we both work? How does each partner feel about daycare?
  • Which of us is responsible for creating community? Is one partner more outgoing than the other? Does one partner have a greater need for outside friendships and groups?
  • What place do spiritual / religious beliefs play in our home and home life?
These are just a few questions from the list of 100 to really think about your own thoughts, beliefs and expectations in aspects that affect your marriage, as well as your partner's. Some of the answers might come to you easily. Some might be questions you have never thought about. All are essential to ask (and answer) before saying, "I do."

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