Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Post-It Note to My Parents

What started out as a post-it note to my parents has grown into a full page list of items for "updating" the condo. This is a serious to-do list:
  • NEW Shades: on both bedroom windows and screen door.
  • PAINT: KITCHEN, BATHROOMS, LIVING ROOM but NOT mine. I love my room. I just want new window shades - oh, and mirrors on the sliding doors in my bedroom.
  • PAINT: bathroom cabinets. The counter top is black marble and the cabinets should match a closer shade of grey or even black.
  • FYI: We're working on having a Spider-Man bedroom painted for our little Kindergartner.
  • BOOK SHELVES: I'd love to have a floor to ceiling bookshelf in the kitchen along the wall that faces the patio door. There may even be room on the narrow wall to the left of the window in my bedroom. Or this Spine Book Tower would be fun too.
  • FLOR Modular Carpet Tiles: I'd love to have a tile floor or wooden hallway but still have carpeting in JUST the bedrooms (not in the vanity in my bedroom, or the "hallway" into the main bathroom.
  • SHELVES: The entire cabinet and shelves in that hallway, across from Spider-Man's room, need to be replaced. They're about to fall off and they're too tall for me to reach. I'd like more shelves.
To further clarify as to why this post-it note was written, it's because I'm heading to the Stanford Professional Publishing Course in July, which takes place over an 8-day period.

My dad offered to come out with his brother to help fix-up the place and I want to make it a bit more "me." If anyone thinks that this can all be done in eight days (or would love to provide an estimate on the cost involved), please leave a comment. I'm afraid to find out how much this will set me back, but I know it'll be worth it.

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