Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sexy Summer Movies

Glamour recently came out with a list of their top 12 Sexy Summer Movies. I would probably add a few to their list, but here's what they selected:

Bull Durham

Little Darlings

A Walk on the Moon

The Blue Lagoon

Top Gun

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

From Here to Eternity

Untamed Heart

The Notebook

Swimming Pool


Body Heat

I haven't seen all of the above movies, but I don't think I'd choose them for the sexy summer movie theme. What movies would you select?


dadshouse said...

Body Heat is a sexy classic.
Top Gun is a thrill ride classic.
Grease is a singalong classic
And Swimming Pool - oh my. Well worth watching. (Yes, the young actress is sizzlingly beautiful. But the story makes it for me.)

Single_M0M said...

I think the combination of sexy and summer is what's throwing me off with this list.

For me (and I'm revealing a bit too much I'm afraid) the sexiest films that come to mind are: Henry & June, Secretary, Dangerous Liaisons, The Pillow Book, Eyes Wide Shut, Sex and Lucia, Like Water for Chocolate.

Looking at this list, you'll see that many of these films were based off of original novels which were equally, if not more, erotic.

dadshouse said...

I hear you. I think a sexy summer movie should be something a man and woman both want to watch, arms around each other on the couch. And it should "put you in the mood."

From your list, Secretary is hot! Dangerous Liaisons and Eyes Wide Shut are both great, but perhaps make you think too much for a hot summer night?

Sex, Lies, and Videotape is a good one, too.

Single_M0M said...

Why I didn't discover this earlier, I have no idea: 50 Greatest Sex Scenes in Cinema