Monday, May 26, 2008

An Intentional Single Father

I discovered this morning and have been reading interesting articles that I think many parents - both moms and dads - can relate to. This one in particular, on intentional parents, intrigued me (the article starts below the photo). I'm curious as to what others think about these unique families.

I have thought about this myself, having another child on my own, but I know that the timing is not right just yet. There are many women who choose to raise children on their own and I'm sure there are many more men out there, like John, who do the same. I'm assuming they don't receive the same support from society as females do.

John: I think people who let romantic relationships get mixed up with raising children are being impulsive and self indulgent. They usually end up creating a lot of stress and unhappiness for themselves and their kids.

FatherMag: Some people might say your approach isn't the 'natural' way of doing things.

John: Neither is flying, except for birds. But a lot of people will get in an airplane if it takes them where they want to go.

What do you think?

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