Friday, September 5, 2008

When Did This Turn Into a Sex Blog?

Perhaps from the lack of sex I'm actually having, I've turned to reading about sex and discussing it here on my blog.

Oh well. I'm getting satisfaction and pleasure from my writing (not in that way), so I feel the need to continue but will try not to overdo the sex talk.

Speaking of sex talk, people all over the world are talking about sex and education, and teens, thanks to the recent announcement about Sarah Palin's new status as grandmother-to-be. That's right, I'm focusing instead on her role in the family matter rather than her daughter's. I have my opinions on the situation, but who am I to talk? Enough people are doing that already.

I do, however, feel the need to remind everyone, no matter what our political or religious views, about how important it is to talk to our children - from a young age - about sex and providing them with opportunities to discuss questions they have. I can't stress enough to my young son how I want him to be able to talk to me about anything. Even at his young age, I'm trying to open the doors of communication between us so that when the time comes for those difficult, if not awkward conversations, it'll be less likely to be an embarrassing discussion (for either of us).

Clearly, if you read this blog, I'm open to talking about my views on, well, pretty much everything, so there's probably less likelihood that my son will impregnate a young girl before they turn 18, right? WRONG. Just because I am open to discussing issues about sex, contraception, birth control, abstinence and giving him all of the information necessary to make his own decisions, they will in fact be his own decisions and regardless of how safe and smart young people are, life happens.

Alright, I said I wasn't going to share my thoughts on the whole matter, and I haven't, really. Have I?

By the way, for those living in the San Diego area, I'm teaching a parenting workshop in just a few weeks on this very topic: Speaking to Young People about Sex. It's not easy for everyone to be as open as I am about these sorts of things, especially with children. I'm hoping that the course will help parents understand their sexual values and focus a bit more on what types of information they want to share with their children before their child comes to them with questions.

Do you talk to your children about pregnancy and protecting themselves from STDs?

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