Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Fit

Little Fit sent me a postcard prior to ABC Kids Expo. Right away, I knew I'd feature them here since their hats are perfect for the trendy parent (and their tots).

Husband and wife team, Julie and John Arata started Little Fit which is a collection of high quality, hip hats with an emphasis on FIT! Not to mention their great designs!

They're fun, fashionable and certainly a great style for the modern children of hip, happenin' parents!

These are a few of the styles they have to offer:

All I can really say about this new company is that their products are really f-in' cool. Not to be missed! Available in two sizes: Little or Big.

1 comment:

Marifer said...

Are you sure these are for moms, dads and children only?...I'm single and I'm loving them. I do love the family concept as well. I can totally picture a mom, dad and their little one all wearing the same hat. Totally cute and hip!