Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proud Body

I wish I had known about this belly-casting kit when I was pregnant with my son. I loved being pregnant and was even brave enough to wear a bikini on the beach when I was nearly six months pregnant (and unable to see my feet).

Proud Body is the original creator of these pregnancy art kits which are keepsake works of art which capture that precious time when baby was lovingly carried inside mommy's belly.

The Belly Cast Kit comes with everything you need including detailed instructions. It takes just 30 - 40 minutes and, after its dry, you can decorate it in any way imaginable!

You can also purchase the
Belly Painting Kit to turn your pregnant belly into a work of art by painting right on your belly. Or you can easily apply one of the Tummy Tatts, and show off that expecting belly!

Visit the online gallery to find inspirational ideas for your own creation.

Purchase your belly cast, painting kit, or temporary tattoos today!

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