Sunday, September 7, 2008


Surprising, hilarious and unexpected insight on dad's experience from pregnancy to delivery featuring 40 dads who survived it. In intriguing accounts by remarkably honest new fathers from all walks of life, all over the US, the common thread of relief these men feel, having recently survived the pregnancy and delivery process, is entertainingly revealed in the personal experiences they share.

Covering everything from how they first found out about the pregnancy right through to the birth, BEING DAD explores a broad range of subjects, including many rarely discussed openly like miscarriage and sex during pregnancy. The film reveals the fears, anxieties and joys that all first time fathers live through and provides the confidence and assurance they seek to face during this exciting new phase of their lives and become more supportive mates.

Also featured is a wealth of additional advice from a number of experts, including an Obstetrician, Family Counselor, Midwife, Childbirth Educators and a Home Birth Facilitator.

While focusing on
the Man’s perspective, the film is perfect for expectant couples to view together and can serve as a catalyst for planning and discussions.

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