Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sycamore Kids

One of my dear friends had this hammock for her little baby and I admired it before hearing her rave about how effective it was for getting him to sleep at night and nap time.

With three different options for hanging it around your home or nursery, this is a great bassinet, bouncer, and baby carrier all in one.

Internationally safety tested, and easy to use, this hammock does exactly what you need it to - to settle and calm your baby - helping him or her “sleep like a baby”.

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Sara said...

This is really cool for new parents. That bassinet from the local yard sale seems like a steal, and it is, it's just that what can sometimes happen if baby sleeps too much on his back is his head starts to get a little flat. This happened to my little one and I wished I had this hammock. I religiously kept my son on his back for the first six months of his life. His head got flat and we had to have tons of "helmet" evaluations. Avoid the worry and invest in a hammack.