Saturday, June 28, 2008

Multi-Tasking Moms

Are soccer moms a dying breed?

According to marketing and advertising representatives from companies who cater to families with children, the modern mom maintains her career, family, friendships, book clubs, play dates, after school activities, and date nights, as well as managing her local community and on line network and blog, all while looking good and feeling even better.

What the article failed to mention is the fact that today's women (mothers or not) grew up under a different set of "rules" than those our own mothers experienced.

My favorite T-shirt when I was around five years old (I remember it vividly) was one that read: Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better!

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Not that I believed that to be true, but it empowered me to try harder, not be intimidated by those who said, "but you're a girl," and gave me permission to be whoever the hell I wanted to be. At five, I may not have realized the impact this would have on my future self, but I now know that I'm now not alone among this generation of women who refuse to settle - or sacrifice - when it comes to our careers, our families or our happiness. We make choices and with every change there does come evolution.

I don't have a daughter and perhaps I never will but I can only imagine how difficult it is to raise a young girl these days. While I was singing along to "Like a Virgin," before I was old enough to understand what that even meant, today's youth are learning about sex at a much earlier age and are exposed to much more than many parents choose to admit.

If moms do have such an impact on the advertising and marketing campaigns that major companies create, shouldn't we be witnessing a shift in the levels and frequency of sex and violence featured on television and everywhere else in our society?

I'm not sure where us Multi-tasking Moms need to start for these changes to take effect, but I do know that with each forthcoming generation of women, and future moms, change is bound to occur and the companies that cater to them are going to have to modify their approach accordingly.

It's going to be an exciting ride and we have the women and moms before us to thank.

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