Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mommy Has Tattoos

I have several tattoos, many of which are hidden when I'm dressed professionally. I have stories behind each and every one of them, but I want more.

The last tattoo I had took a long time. Over two separate sessions, I believe the artist spent over 6 hours altogether between the outline and coloring. I found out I was pregnant shortly afterwards and haven't made time to sit down and have it completed yet.
That being said, I do want to get something to finally honor my role as a mom. I haven't decided where, on my body, to place the new design, however.

Here's it is - modified in Photoshop and eventually perfected by the artist I select to work with.
All comments and suggestions are welcome.

And if you're looking for a way to make tattoos less scary for young children (don't ask me why any child would think they're scary), there's a great little book called Mommy Has a Tattoo by Philip Padwe. I bought the book when I first discovered it and my son loved it. We haven't read it in a while but I think I'll take it out again to revisit it.

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