Monday, June 23, 2008

Donations Now Accepted

Schedule of a Single Mom:

6:30 am

Alarm goes off. Mom showers and gets dressed and ready for work.

7:00 am

Four-year old wakes up, goes potty, heads to kitchen table for breakfast. Climbs down from his chair to wash his hands.


Four-year old finishes eating & playing. Heads to family room to play some more. Mom spends quality time with son.

7:45 am

Son gets dressed while Mom puts lunches together. Son watches PBS kids.

8:15 am

Mom and son brush teeth, pack up belongings, apply sunscreen, turn off lights and lock door.

8:45 am

Mom and son arrive at first day of Summer Camp. Walk around campus together and check out classroom.

9:00 am

Son says quick goodbye without looking at Mom. Mom stands at doorway watching son interact with new teachers and friends. Mom fights back tears of both joy and sorrow. Realizes she won't see her son for over 48 hours.

9:10 am

Mom arrives at work. Gets down to business.

4:39 pm

Mom heads out of the office to get to meeting with client.

5:10 pm

Mom arrives ten minutes late. Orders first coffee of the day.

5:15 pm

Mom meets with client whom she charges by the hour.

6:30 pm

Mom realizes that she's extended the meeting by fifteen minutes. Packs up belongings and says goodbye to client.

6:35 pm

Mom heads to grocery store where she is surrounded by too many childless couples making out in the aisles. Vows to never grocery shop with future partners. Ever.

7:05 pm

Mom arrives home. Has dinner in front of computer.

8:00 pm

Mom checks email and responds to several inquiries.

9:00 pm

Mom calculates her expenses and realizes she doesn't charge enough to cover her costs.

9:25 pm

Mom realizes that donations can help cover the costs to make up for the discounts offered to parents who are financially challenged.

1:00 am
Mom heads to bed feeling good about helping parents enrich their relationship with their children.

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