Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Back to Natur

hessnatur creates pure and natural clothing, with a simple principle: to respect the planet and the people who produce and wear their clothes.

All of their exclusive designs are made from 100% natural fibers. They offer a wide range of natural fibers, from cotton and linen, to silk, wool, and luxurious fibers including cashmere, alpaca and mohair. Their goal is to be 100% organic in everything we make. All of their pure cotton is 100% organic. Only the limited availability of other natural fibers in organic quality has prevented them from being 100% organic. That’s why they are pioneers in helping to develop organic farming.

They also ensure that their natural fibers stay pure throughout the manufacturing process, so that no toxins from dyes, bleaches or other chemicals can harm the earth, or the people who wear or produce the clothes.

The U.S. on line shop for hessnatur will be opening soon. Be the first to learn about the organic clothing they create by signing up for their newsletter, or request a catalog.

Founded more than 30 years ago by European environmentalist Heinz Hess, hessnatur designs organic and natural clothing for women, infants and toddlers. Since their founding, they have been governed by a simple principle: human beings should live in harmony with each other and with nature.

hessnatur is located in Butzbach, a village in a hilly part of Germany, near the Taunus and Westerwald Mountains and the Rhine River. It’s an area of great natural beauty and the people, naturalists at heart, have been leaders in the European environmental movement for over 40 years.

The building where the staff spends their days working is as environmentally sound as they can make it. They climb the stairs to get to their offices. They have no air conditioning, which tests their commitment to the environment every August – German summers can get surprisingly hot. They have a cafĂ© on the top floor, with long tables where they can all share excellent lunches prepared by Thomas. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried his eggplant schnitzel! Their children are welcome; spouses and partners join them for lunch when they can. And they invite you to join them, whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

Respect for the planet and for its people is fundamental to the way they do business, interact with their partners and each other. Their commitment to the quality of the clothing is matched by a commitment to the quality of the lives of those who create the clothing, and to those who wear it.

Clothes are more than what you wear, they’re how you choose to live.

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