Friday, June 27, 2008

Sex Ed - Grown Up Edition

I'm working on writing a curriculum entitled, Let's Talk About Sex: Straight Talk Between Parent and Child. I'll be teaching this one-hour workshop to parents in the community in September. Incorporated in the workshop is a growing list of topics to help young parents educate their children so that they can - hopefully - make smarter, healthier decisions when it comes to their bodies and their sexuality.

STDs are top on the priority list as far as things I plan to cover. Some parents might want to know why my first concern is not "birth control," or discussing reasons to abstain.

Times have changed since my parents were teens. Times have changed - dramatically - since I was a teen. Sexually active people (no matter what their age) have always put themselves "at risk" for unplanned pregnancies, hence the name "birth control."

What amazes me is how little is known or discussed about STDs and the prevention of them. Sexually active individuals are more likely to have an STD, pass along an STD unknowingly or contract an STD than they are to conceive a child! This is the reality that young people, in particular, are having to deal with - unfortunately, from first-hand experience.

There have been many reports and discussions in the news about young people engaging in oral sex more often than the "sex" sex that most of us knew as teenagers. Yes, oral sex "existed" then, but there are many young people today who consider themselves virgins (and admit this proudly) even though they've participated in oral sex.

Times certainly have changed. With statistics being what they are, this type of ignorance is more dangerous to a person's health than they realize.

Let's start to educate ourselves and our children before it's too late.

Thank you to LOVE IN THE TIME OF HERPES for the inspiration behind this post. And a big thank you hug goes out to the blogger for her dedication to educating readers and allowing those of us who have an STD to "come out of the closet."

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Silver Lining said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much, Sondra, I am honored! Hugs back to you for getting out there and making a difference. :)