Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Baby Loves Disco

My son was not looking forward to the Baby Loves Disco event that I dragged him to on Sunday. He kept reminding me that he's not a baby and I could tell he was ready to have a horrible time. We arrived just before 2pm and scouted out the parking situation. There was already a line forming outside Aubergine and the valet parking was backing up traffic, on top of the cars that were heading downtown for the Padres game. Petco Park is only a few blocks away so there was definitely competition for the few spots on the street in the Gaslamp District.

I decided to park near the Convention Center where there was plenty of spaces and only a two block walk to the nightclub. Since I've never been to Aubergine before, I assumed the line that had formed was heading towards the open door where the large bouncer was standing. We walked to what I thought was the back of the line only to have a rather impatient dad tell me that he was first. Don't ask me how long he had been waiting, but he was not at all amused that I had simply made a mistake. Was it so important to be the first ones inside? This is a party for kids, for goodness sake.

My son changed his mind rather quickly about the event when he heard the live music playing while we stood in line. I didn't realize at the time, but it was the two-man team behind Hullabaloo. My son insisted that he sit upon my shoulders while we waited - and danced - before they finally let us inside at two o'clock. I thought this was great exercise for me, dancing with thirty pounds around my neck. I was sweating by the time we got inside.

I'm so glad we didn't experience this event when my son actually was a baby. He was the perfect age for this type of event. He stood in line to get a sword balloon, he tried to catch the bubbles on the dance floor and he followed - make that stalked - Spider Man as he moved from room to room saying hello and taking pictures with the kiddos.

One of the coolest things, as a parent, was that my son had a wristband that had the same number as my little receipt that I was given at the door. No child would be able to leave the venue without the parent with the matching token. I immediately relaxed at the thought of not having to watch him as intently as I would be otherwise. He ran ahead of me into the other rooms and I was able to follow and catch up to him knowing that he'd be safe. There were also staff members wearing Baby Loves Disco badges throughout the venue which made me feel more at ease too.

There were several vendors there offering fun things for the kids: the balloon lady, face painting, books near the lounge area, tee pees to hide inside, healthy finger foods, an arts & crafts table where my son made two Father's Day cards for his dad and several tables with promotional pieces for some great companies that I hadn't ever heard of. Of course there were some people there who I had the pleasure of meeting before or learning about on line, such as the Playhouse Cafe, Rattle-N-Roll, and Style Child.

New to me were Ooh La La Mama, Passed Presents, Javis Davis, and It's a Mom Thing.

Mark your calendar for the next San Diego Baby Loves Disco event, happening September 7 at Aubergine. Check the website for BLD events in your area!

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