Monday, June 30, 2008

40 Words About Me

Here's an exercise you can do with your children or simply on your own. Have them jot down forty positive adjectives that describe their personality. The rules are simple, but there are no exceptions: No less than forty, and nothing negative.

Here are mine (then it's your turn):
Funny Friendly Flirtatious Crazy Cuddly Cute Sensitive Sexy Smart Emotional Exciting Energetic Caring Creative Romantic Intense Dramatic Overwhelming Funky Fabulous Frank Radiant Responsible Rebellious Reflective Philosophical Playful Sharp Stunning Sweet Lovable Charming Talented Outrageous Generous Independent Ambitious Sincere Mature Courageous
After completing this exercise, you and your child will most likely have smiles on your faces from focusing on all of the wonderful traits that make them unique.

Try this with children (or adults) when they've had a bad day, or on your own when you need a little pick me up. It's tough to select forty. When you're having a good day, you might have trouble narrowing it down. On days when you're feeling low, don't stop until you've reached at least forty but keep going if you still need a boost.

With younger children, have them spell out their name and select a word to describe themselves using each letter of their first name. You can continue with their middle and last name if they're willing. This is a fun exercise that young children enjoy doing using the names of their friends or loved ones.

For older children, any time they say something negative about themselves, remind them (and perhaps pull out the list) of the many positive attributes that you love about them.

Update these lists often. It's another great way to encourage yourself or your children.

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