Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Waiting Game (Warning: Somewhat Graphic)

The biopsy went as planned. Monday morning I woke up, drove to my friend's house so she could accompany me and we drove to my doctor's office while talking about the arrival of her new baby (she's 39 weeks pregnant).

As my doctor explained, there would be a slight pinch as she numbed me with a Novocaine-type shot. She asked me not to move, but said that yelling out would be OK. I did yell out loud when the needle pinched and then burned but, immediately, the Novocaine went into effect and I could no longer feel any pain. She began to cut out the lesion with a scissors.

She worked quickly and before long, she was done and sending me off on my merry way. I was walking a bit slowly at first since it was slightly uncomfortable, but the pain did not kick in until I sat down in the car and realized that sitting was going to be the most unpleasant thing for me while I heal.

My friend drove us back to her place where she made me a latte and we sat for a while until I felt ready to go back to work. Yep, I went back to work, although the worst part of the whole thing was that I of course did not get any sleep the night before, so I was exhausted, uncomfortable and in pain.

Cup of Coffee by Various Foreign Newspapers

I didn't stay long at the office. I went home and took a much-needed nap before picking up my son from preschool. After not seeing him for 3 days it was great to be able to bond with him and spend time just watching him and listening to him explain his weekend, his day at school, and all about his favorite toys.

The waiting game begins. My doctor says it'll be 1-2 weeks before the results come back. My patience is already pretty thin, so I'm wondering how many more sleepless nights I'll have until the results come back.


Anonymous said...

Cope, deal with it then move on.
Just a thought about a book I just
read. Blindsight by Cohen. He has
MS. Talk about aging fast forward.
I pray that the Biopsy turns out
to be negative.
I still love your blog and look forward to reading it daily.
Grandma S :)

John said...

Correction: The book is
Blindsided by Cohen.
Grandma S :)

Single_M0M said...

I'll check it out.