Saturday, September 22, 2007


Baby J arrived Friday, September 21st at 4:55 am. Mom, Papa and Big Sister K are doing fabulous as is the healthy baby boy (a Virgo).

I haven't had a chance to see him in person yet but once the family is settled and back home I will make my first visit, introduce myself and fall in love.


Babies are amazing. Watching them grow, realizing how quickly they absorb and learn and especially noticing how much we as adults learn from them makes their presence that much more precious.

Bienvenue au monde.

Big Sis K taught me some basic French while she was in my care. Being exposed to Spanish growing up made me wish I had learned a different language in high school so I'm pleased that I'll be learning, slowly, a bit of French as I spend time with this beautiful family. Who knows, perhaps one day my son and K will take a trip to France and elope.

Now that's thinking way too far into the future, but the fact that the two of them get along so well now, and the fact that I already love her parents makes me want to play matchmaker already. I suppose I can wait...a few more years.

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