Monday, September 17, 2007


There have been a few votes for my next tattoo although it's currently tied with one vote for each of the three choices.

To help visualize what I have in mind, I thought I'd highlight the symbols and icons themselves and let you know more about where I want them placed and what they look like. Eventually, I'd like to get all three but for now, I want to focus on which one will be next.

My son is a Capricorn, born December 30, 2003. For a while I was debating whether to get his name tattooed somewhere, his initials or a symbol in honor of him. This is the Capricorn sign that I'd like to get on the top of my wrist.

Looking back at this last year I've had, I realized how strong I truly am. The people in my life who support and inspire me are even stronger. The Chinese character for strength is a simple and beautiful design. I would like to get this on the top of my other wrist. Would the two clash seeing as how they are so similar and yet not related in any way?

Finally, I'd like to complete my back piece by putting a hummingbird on the back of my left shoulder. The hummingbird would be holding a piece of ribbon in its mouth that would loop around and go over my spine and down the back of my right shoulder and wrap slightly around my right arm.

Cast your vote and send me some feedback, suggestions or questions. I'm already working on more ideas for when these three have been added to my walking canvas. Send me photos of your tattoos to inspire me or let me know if you have an artist in Southern California that you suggest I use.

The voting area is on the sidebar a few scroll-downs below my profile. I realize there's no option for those of you who may think I have too many tattoos already. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but tattoos are an addiction for me, one of the healthier ones I could be burdened with, I might add. It costs just time and money and a few odd looks from passers-by, but I've wasted time and money in worse ways.


Jules said...

I love the first two. I don't think they'd clash if they were near-ish one another . . .

Tricia said...

Hi Sondra,
I got a tattoo while in China this summer and must admit, I'd like another. If you go to my home page, you can see what mine looks like. have the characters for faith, hope and love on my backside.
I think both your son's sign and the one for strength would look nice together.

Single_M0M said...

Now I'm wondering if I should get these on the inside of my wrists? What a dilemma...