Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Say NO....on Prop 8

Campaign ads in California regarding Prop 8 reveal two startling different ideas. When people are confronted with two opposing viewpoints, how are they able to make an informed decision?

About a month ago, an ad paid for by those in support of Proposition 8 started airing on TV which used the images of several young children without their parents' permission. Jen Press whose daughter, Lucy, is prominently featured in the political ad had this to say:
To turn around and distort images of our children is outrageous. We’re opposed to Prop 8, but irrespective of our position, it’s wrong to use any image of children without their parents’ permission. And we think every parent in California would agree with us.
I'd go a step further and say that every parent in the United States would agree, and probably those from all over the world. Any organization who would use children to manipulate voters and distort information should not be supported by parents, or anyone who cares about children, regardless of the religious or political beliefs one holds.

Proposition 8 is not about children and what exactly does it have to do with protecting marriage? Currently, marriage is "in jeopardy" with the rising divorce rates that do affect children.

One woman, a 82-year-old political blogger and grandmother, Helen, could not have explained this money-wasting proposition any better:
I really don’t know why gay people want to get married. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Harold. But I guess if one consenting adult wants to declare their love for another, why would anyone have an issue? I do know one gay couple. Margaret’s nephew and his friend have been together for several years. They are a lovely couple and make me laugh and feel special every time I see them. A couple of years ago Texas passed one of these constitutional amendments. The place where Harold and I go to vote is actually an elementary school in the neighborhood. On that particular election day I was appalled to see all the signs that said “Marriage Should Be Between a Man and Woman Only”. As Harold drove us into the parking lot to vote, I looked out the window at those signs and realized that many parents had driven their kids to school that morning driving past those very signs. I wonder if any of them had the same reaction I did - those signs reminded me of the little signs we used to have back in the day that said “Whites Only”. Think about it.
I don't have to think about. Already I know that eliminating fundamental rights to anyone goes against the beliefs that this country was founded upon.

Nothing is more powerful than two people promising their loyalty and devotion to one another, no matter what gender they may be. Teaching children that love and commitment between same sex couples is not the same (or as important) as it is between those of the opposite sex is sending a message that is unfair and wrong. It is discrimination that we should not tolerate.

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