Wednesday, October 8, 2008

San Diego Parenting Examiner

My mom sends me links to some great websites that I might otherwise not have the chance to discover. Just last week, she asked me if I had ever been to The Examiner website. I hadn't.

She sent me the link to the San Diego network of sites there and right away, I was intrigued. How could I write for them? My blog's RSS feed is pulled into sites like Wellsphere and Intent, but I would love the opportunity to have my writing appear on sites that are local, and relevant to what I teach and practice as a Certified Parent Educator.

The same session where I first entered The San Diego Examiner site brought me to the page where I was able to apply to be a writer for them. I'm not shy about my abilities and experience, so I felt pretty confident about the possibility of writing for them, but I had no idea that they'd respond as quickly as they did.

I received a phone call from them the very next day. In the message that was left for me (and one that I listened to more than once), they mentioned that they had a chance to see my writing (here) and wanted to "bring me on board." Seriously. I was just as shocked as you are right now!

My first post went live today! I leave tomorrow for an out-of-town wedding but I'll be writing from this point forward for both sites - mine and theirs - and I hope you visit both sites and continue to leave wonderful comments that keep the discussion moving forward.

I wouldn't have made it this far in my writing career if it weren't for the readers who stop by here and who are also (in most cases) bloggers who inspire me, entertain me, make me smile and laugh out loud as well as put up with my own comments on their sites.

Thank you for continuing to read my lengthy posts, for commenting without judging and for asking me questions or making statements that encourage me to think outside the box and explore other perspectives and possibilities.

If you're just discovering my site or have ended up here by chance, welcome! Take a look around and let me know what you'd like to read more of, either on this site or over at my page on The Examiner.

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