Saturday, October 4, 2008

Interview with Yoga Mama

Yesterday afternoon, I was interviewed by Yoga Mama for her podcast which is recorded live each Friday (12:30pm PST). Yoga Mama is also known as LaSara FireFox, MPNLP, a master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), life coach, educator, and professional speaker.

LaSara helps her clients to find balance in their lives, and alignment with their personal and family-held values. She is also a mother of two, a successful author (Sexy Witch, nonfiction/self-help, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2005), and founder and CEO of the Ecstatic Presence Project and Global Family Awakening: an educational, peace and humanitarian family adventure club. She teaches and coaches internationally.

LaSara recently wrote an article entitled Seven Steps to Healthy Communication With Your Kids.
  1. Honor your kid's questions with answers.
  2. Own your feelings.
  3. What isn't said speaks more loudly that what IS.
  4. Own your boundaries.
  5. Respect your child's boundaries.
  6. Respectful, loving touch fosters connection. Stay embodied.
  7. The model is the message.
Read more about these seven steps or download other articles on LaSara's website and join her every Friday for the Yoga Mama Satsangha weekly podcast.

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LaSara FireFox said...

It was great to have you on the show! Thanks, and best of luck with your endeavors.