Thursday, October 23, 2008

Position of the Day

Newsletters show up in my inbox every minute of the day and, oftentimes, it's the subject line that will determine whether or not the email will be read, ever. This morning was no exception.

The daily iVillage Love edition was my wake up call this morning, alerting me that my sex life is in need of an upgrade with the subject line: How to make anal sex more pleasurable (for YOU).

Anal sex was always a dirty word (ok, two words) but apparently, it's the new 69...or something. The article provides six tips to make this position more pleasurable, and more fun, for women (key word here being more).

If this position isn't up your alley (no pun intended), these other articles might suit your feminine needs (and desires):

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Alright. Now go have fun, and be safe.

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Anonymous said...

I guess my sex life is in dire need of some help also!