Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Looking for Halloween costumes for myself only reminded me of how sexual our culture really is. Women are depicted on an average day as objects to be desired. October 31st is certainly no exception.

Women who are otherwise covered up can be found wearing provocative clothing on Halloween night, revealing their cleavage or sporting skirts that are dangerously short. For some, this is a costume-required holiday that is a chance for them to wear as little as possible.

Halloween night is definitely going to be a "treat" for anyone heading out on the town for this adult version of dress-up. This annual event is used as an excuse for certain people to get drunk and to be obnoxious. It's only once a year - or at least that's what their excuse will be if - or when - things get out of control.

Sexy Halloween costumes seem to be the norm these days - for women - and as a parent, I can't help but wonder what sort of messages are being sent to children who not only see these outfits displayed in ads and on websites but that are being marketed to younger girls each year.

Children are wearing costumes these days that my parents would never let me leave the house in. Many costumes, like the image below of Anna Rexia (as in Anorexia), are offensive and inappropriate on so many levels.

How do you feel about sexy Halloween costumes? How long will it be before kids start picking out ensembles that you would only expect to see on a responsible adult? At what age do children stop getting dressed up and knock on doors to get candy? And how old is too old for trick-or-treating?

I'm going downtown tomorrow night and will celebrate Halloween (costume and all) for the first time in my adult life. I feel somewhat foolish and somewhat excited to let loose and pretend to be someone else for a few hours. Is Halloween about fun and games or is it turning into an event for those who want to live out their the fantasies on center stage? I feel as though adults are taking over and children are no longer allowed to be children. What's your opinion?

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dadshouse said...

Once when I took my son trick-or-treating, we came to an apartment full of hottie women in dominatrix outfits. They thought my son was so cute! And since they were dressed to go out to a party, they hadn't planned on giving out candy. They felt bad. They invited me and him in while one of them rummaged around for some sweets. Here I was in a room full of women with whips and leather-clad bustiers. I wanted them to take me to their party! But I didn't say a word. I had custody of my kids that night.

Nothing like a moment like that to sear into your mind the fact that you're a dad first and a single man second.

Ali said...

I recently blogged about this on my site:
I had not seen the Anna Rexia costume - I am repulsed.
I was mildly impressed with the costumes that ventured down my street this Halloween. Only one group of young girls were dressed inappropriately (in my opinion) - short skirts, low-cut tops - I don't even know what they were dressing as. Otherwise, I was more struck by the number of politically savvy children than those provocatively dressed.