Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Man of the Year

Before I share this guest post from Brett, of The Art of Manliness, I just have to put in my two cents. For those of us who aren't married, you can surely think of someone (like your dad, or brother, maybe) that might be worthy of Man of the Year?

Ladies, have you ever wanted to let the whole world know how amazing your husband is? Well, now you can. The Art of Manliness has teamed up with Old Spice to find The Art of Manliness Man of the Year. Most magazines and websites seem to pick celebrities and sports stars as the man of the year, and fail to recognize the regular Joe who’s doing his best to be the best husband, father, and man he can be. The Art of Manliness wants to change that.

Our goal is to find a man who represents what’s best in men and give him $2,000 in cold hard cash. From October 20, 2008 until November 9, 2008, Art of Manliness will be accepting nominations for Man of the Year.

This is your chance to brag about your man and give him the chance to win $2,000 (which of course he’ll share with you). To nominate, go to this online form and fill out. You’ll need to write a short essay about why you think your man should be The Art of Manliness Man of the Year. Tell us about how your husband is great with kids, how he can cook a killer dinner, and how he helps out those in need. Your husband doesn’t have to be some Superman who’s cured AIDS to be considered for Man of the Year. If you think your husband possess the traits of honorable manliness, we want to hear about him.

We’ll then select 10 finalists out of all the nominees. On November 24, 2008 we’ll open voting to the public on the 10 finalists. Whoever has the most votes by December 13, 2008 will be crowned The Art of Manliness Man of the Year 2008 and win the $2,000.

If you want your husband to even have a chance at being named Man of the Year, you have to nominate him. And remember, there's $2,000 up for grabs! Don’t just stand by your man, brag about him. Send in your nomination today!

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