Monday, October 20, 2008

Seeking Balance

As working parents (we're all working parents) we're always seeking balance, between our role as Mom or Dad, jobs that pay our bills and of course, time with ourselves or our partners. Let's not even talk about our house (which tends to be the last on my list of priorities).

Many mommy bloggers have written about seeking this balance and the guilt one feels when taking time for herself or any time away from her children. The women's movement was intended to move us all forward, but instead, I feel as though it's instilled in each of us the idea that we need to be - or at least strive to be - SuperMom, WonderWife and Woman of the Year. Talk about pressure.

I spend quality time with my son, I work hard and take time for myself and enjoy those special moments with other adults. Do I feel guilty? I used to. These days, I find myself being more relaxed, less stressed and overall, more fulfilled when I don't let the guilt take over. It's there on some occasions but I simply remind myself that I'm a much better mom when I've taken that time for myself, whether it's exercising, reading, or spending the weekend with friends.

Head on over to read what one mom (a.k.a. PhD in Parenting) has done to create more balance in her life and please, share with me what you do to keep yourself centered.

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