Sunday, November 2, 2008

How Long Will You Live?

In the November issue of Prevention magazine, author Sandra Gordon provides signs that show you may live a long, healthy life if the following apply to you:
  • Your Mom Had You Young
  • You're a Tea Lover
  • You'd Rather Walk
  • You Skip Soda (even Diet)
  • You Have Strong Legs
  • You Eat Purple Food
  • You Were a Healthy-Weight Teen
  • You Don't Like Burgers
  • You've Been a College Freshman
  • You Really Like Your Friends...
  • ...and They're Healthy
  • You Embrace the Challenge
  • You Don't Have a Housekeeper
  • You're a Flourisher
Will You Live to be 100? Take the quiz to find out.

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Erin-Real Tech Mom said...

Wow, very neat article! Damn, i was just about to get a housekeeper... i wonder if it's worth it to shave off some extra life time LOL

Weaselmomma said...

Okay, this is awful, but I am going to come clean. I did one of these calculators the other day and it said I would live to be 87. My knee jerk reaction was "Damn it! I can't do this that long."
Maybe I need more fried foods.

HIP_M0M said...


I didn't number these for a reason...I'd be counting how many - or how few - of these I can check off.

I am in desperate need of a housekeeper but am thinking that living longer might be a good trade-off.