Monday, November 24, 2008

Sexiest Films of All Time

While I have only seen 23 out of the 50 movies listed in Entertainment Weekly's 50 Sexiest Movies Ever, I do have to say that I agree with many of their selections.

Those on my top ten list include:
  1. Unfaithful
  2. Cruel Intentions
  3. Secretary
  4. Dirty Dancing
  5. Like Water for Chocolate
  6. Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  7. A Walk on the Moon
  8. Before Sunset
  9. Swimming Pool
  10. How Stella Got Her Groove Back
You'll have to pick up this week's issue to see which other titles made their list. Sadly, my all-time favorite film, The Thomas Crown Affair, with Renee Russo and Pierce Brosnan, did not make it to the list.

Which films would you include on your top ten list?

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1 comment:

dadshouse said...

Unfaithful didn't do it for me. But Swimming Pool is HOT.