Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dating Tips

Yahoo! Personals offers great tips for dating and this holiday season, I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of these suggestions.

Dating Coach David Wygant offers articles and provides great examples for dating inspiration.

Since singles have a more difficult time with being on their own during the holiday season, it makes sense that more singles put themselves out there prior to Christmas so they're not standing under the mistletoe alone.

David's Five Reasons Why the Holiday Season is the Best Time to Date:
1) People have taken year end inventories
2) Christmas shopping
3) No one wants to spend New Year's Eve alone
4) Unlimited holiday events
5) Plan your own events

He also offers suggestions to single moms on how to jumpstart their dating lives under the following scenarios:
1) How to meet a man while your child is having a temper tantrum
2) You're trying to negotiate with your child in the grocery store
3) Meeting a single dad and his kids for a playdate
4) Online dating techniques
5) How to write your online profile
6) What not to say when you're on a date

David Wygant offers dating bootcamps and is also the author of Always Talk to Strangers: 3 Simple Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life.