Friday, December 21, 2007

Did I Forget to Mention...?

The December issue of Glamour magazine includes the article, "15 Things No One Ever Told You About Being Married." It's good to be prepared...

1. Getting married is not about the wedding.
2. You'll give up some independence.
3. Husbands can't read minds anymore than boyfriends can.
4. You won't be single anymore.
5. You never get to use the "I can't make it, I'm busy" excuse again.
6. Your husband will never take care of you the way your mom did - and vice versa.
7. The "for worse" may come sooner than you expect.
8. You get to share your strengths.
9. The honeymoon phase isn't always sweet.
10. Be prepared to fight for his support.
11. In-laws will show you a side of your husband you would never see on your own.
12. When he does the dishes, you will get turned on.
13. The silliest things will make you fall in love with him all over again.
14. Married men are sexier than single men - when they're married to you!
15. He'll love being married too.

Getting married will either be magical for you or not. Your life will change, for better or worse. Remembering and honoring the fact that you're going to be with the same person for the rest of your life is one of the major ingredients to a successful marriage. And yes, having someone holding your hand along the way, literally and physically, doesn't hurt either.

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