Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Mommy

I was reading an article in the November issue of Canadian Family magazine, on guilt. The main illustration on the page shows a name tag that reads, "Hello. My name is Bad Mom." I read it to my son followed by my question to him, "What makes a bad mom?" He said, "Not you. You're not a bad mom." If only he knew how easy it is for him to make my day.

The article discusses just five examples of parental guilt, from breastfeeding to TV but it doesn't cover the plethora of guilt-ridden behaviors and activities that I can honestly say I've experienced, or have had other moms discuss with me.

Going back to work must be the biggest guilt-inducing decision one could make. I know moms who are successful and proud of their accomplishments and the career and yet the guilt is still present. There are also moms who made the decision to stay at home, not returning to work and they too feel guilt.

I can only speak for the fellow women in my life but I have little doubt that there are men out there who experience parental guilt to the same degree.

One of the parental workshops that I offer is Balancing Work and Family, an important concept for parents to remember as they become busier and busier as the children in their homes get older.

I too need to remind myself more often about putting my work down at the end of the day and focusing on my son during our time together. I have more New Year's resolutions to put down in writing, but this is my first.

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