Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've managed to distract myself from holiday shopping momentary, clicking through a few links, adding one or two (or three) items to my cart and somehow ended up purchasing some delightful products for my home office.

I realize that I have a long list of friends and family to purchase items for yet and if anyone knew how organized I really am (my gift-giving list is in an Excel file which I'm happy to share with you if you ask nicely), they'd wonder why on earth I haven't finished this annual task by now.

I like shopping - ok I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - and I also enjoy a good deal - despite what the price tags may show ; ) - so I look online for discount codes, coupons and exclusive deals to help cut the cost of shipping or that offer me a percentage off the bottom line.

Would you like to have access to these same coupon codes? Provide me with your email address and I'll send you regular updates that will provide you with the best deals (that I've come across) on the web. I'd be delighted to share!

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