Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sex Talk

There are a lot of discussions around the blogosphere relating to sex and relationships. Here are a few that I recently discovered:
Interested in helping me out with my upcoming parenting workshop, Let's Talk About Sex? Kindly take the time to fill out the questionnaire (answers will be kept confidential) and return to me via email of fax. Pass along the link to your friends and family members as well. I am hoping for responses from both men and women of all ages. Participants will earn fabulous incentives for helping out (provided you allow me a way to contact you).


MommyBrainReports said...

I'd like to say that as much as I love(d) sex before children, they sure make it more and more difficult as they pass through the toddler years!
I'll have to check on some of these articles.. maybe I can get some help... :)

HIP_M0M said...

Yes, sex time is important for Moms and Dads. I suggest you hire a babysitter - or find a volunteer - to take your kids OUT OF THE HOUSE so you and your man can have some much-needed alone time.