Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bears & the Bees

First of all, I love the name of the new Trail Mix flavor - Bears & Bees. I received my BzzKit for the new Teddy Grahams Trail Mix campaign. The kit contained an 8 ounce box of the Bears & Bees Snack Mix(chocolate graham teddy-shaped snacks, honey flavored graham flavored bees, pretzels and yogurt flavored raisins) and an 8 ounce box of Bears & Cheese Crackers (honey graham teddy-shaped snacks, pretzels, raisins and cheese nip crackers).

Nabisco sure does know its flavors. I wasn't sure about the raisins in the cheese package or the pretzels in the other but somehow, it works. Of course, I suggest you pop a handful in your mouth - of either assortment - for the best tasting experience.

I've been a BzzAgent for quite some time, although I couldn't tell you how long. Being a BzzAgent means that I receive information, coupons or samples of products to test out and share with those I am in contact with. I am asked to share my honest opinion and of course be up front with people that I'm not selling anything but simply promoting products I love.

These Teddy Grahams are seriously yummy and I am doubtful that there will be anything left to share when my son returns to this house in a few days. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't coupons in the BzzKit since I'd love to hand them out to my son's friends and our neighbors with little ones.

Also in the mail today - besides this yummy BzzKit - was the official packet of paperwork to fill out for the upcoming school year this afternoon. One of the things that caught my attention was that they have declared the school a "Nut-Free Zone" due to the high level of students who have major peanut allergies. The first thing I looked at when I took out the snack boxes from the BzzKit was the list of ingredients. I am always aware when products have a warning on the side that states that they either contain peanuts or have been processed in the same facility where peanuts are present. To my knowledge, this is not the case with the Teddy Grahams snack mix so I'm very excited to share these during our family's turn at Snack Time.

Also interesting to note is that Scholastic has teamed up with Teddy Grahams to create a fun and informative website with reading tips, book lists and of course, "Play time with Teddy" activities. I'm definitely going to be checking that out so that my son and I have another safe website to enjoy.

I'm off to dip my hands into the Trail Mix again. I sure hope my neighborhood grocery store has these in stock next time I visit. I have a feeling these will become a family favorite.

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