Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Wild to Child

It takes six pregnancy tests for Rebecca Woolf to admit to herself that she is definitely pregnant. Hiding under the bathroom sink, smoking a cigarette and cursing herself, she informs her roommate, and then her boyfriend of four months, of the news.

After several months - and a wedding in Vegas - she convinces herself that life will not change when she becomes a mother. Fortunately, she discovers the truth: that life is best enjoyed when embracing the unexpected, that parenthood can change a person in ways that can never be undone, and that true love is only truly understood when one holds a newborn baby in their arms.

Rockabye: From Wild to Child is Rebecca Woolf's account of motherhood and how becoming a wife and parent changed her life, inspired her to accept herself - and her imperfections - as well as enabling her to be the best parent she never knew she could become.

With brutal honesty and the rawest of emotions, Rebecca beautifully and succinctly documents the adjustment to - and evolution of - motherhood and illustrates the fact that parenthood is messy, painful, scary, overwhelming and as precious as it is priceless.
"It's amazing how fast he stops crying when I pick him up. It is still hard to believe his cries are for me. Because he needs me. A feeling both wonderful and completely terrifying."
"...a child is not a sacrifice...unfaithfulness to one's desire is a choice, with or without children or a full-time job to make ends meet...The only way we can properly take care of our children is by taking care of ourselves first."
"The lessons we teach our children we should also remember to tell ourselves.
'Follow your dreams.'
'Be yourself.'
'Listen to your heart.'
'I believe in you.' "
"Happiness is the most underrated accessory to success. It is paramount to be inspired by life in order to be an inspiration to a child."
"...maybe it's just as important to cross the lines as it is to draw them."
Rebecca Woolf is a young mother and a mother who is young at heart, not to mention wise beyond her years. An inspirational and a humorous book for new parents, expecting divas and mature moms, Rockabye: From Wild to Child is a must-read for anyone learning to negotiate the limitless and life-changing experience that is parenthood.

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