Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jamba Juice Bottled Beverages

I was delighted to receive samples in the mail from Nestle's new Jamba Juice line that is just being launched on the West Coast. They're now available at local grocery and convenience stores in select cities in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada!

I had one right away - the Strawberries Wild Smoothie with Energy Boost - and I ended up skipping lunch that day, only because it kept me energized and not craving food throughout the afternoon. It was yummy, and especially exciting to know that I was drinking something healthy since it's "a good source of seven B-vitamins that help support the release of energy to aid in performance and physical stamina."
I'm not only stocking up on these when I finally locate them at my neighborhood Albertson's, but I'm also purchasing stock in the company. I have a feeling these are going to do very well since they're healthy, packed with nutrients and they taste great.

I've never been a fan of artificially colored "energy drinks" but these blended smoothies are the perfect size to grab when you're on the go and they taste much better than any meal replacement shakes that I've tried.

The new bottled beverages offer both smoothies and juices, giving consumers two options when it comes to Jamba Juice's healthy, high-quality fruit drinks. When the line for Jamba Juice is out the door on a hot summer day, I look forward to reaching in my refrigerator and pulling out an energy boost - night or day.


guruburu said...

awesome product i love jamba juice!

guruburu said...

its time for jamba juice to kick some industry's ass =) (bye bye naked juice)

HIP_M0M said...

They're seriously yummy!

HIP_M0M said...

How funny is this! I was updating the blog this morning and my son recognized the Jamba Juice logo and said, "That's the smoothie place my dad takes me to!"

And then, hours later at the grocery store, I asked the guy stocking the dairy section if they carried the new Jamba Juice bottled beverages. I proceeded to do my spiel about how they're new and how yummy they are and how they are hard to find so I'm sure they'll be in stock at my local store soon!