Monday, July 28, 2008

First Moment Memories

There are three brand new babies in my family and I won't be able to meet them for another three weeks yet. So far, I've already purchased tiny little shoes and onesies and books for them, their siblings and parents.

One thing I have not yet done is purchase something or create something that honors their special day, in particular. I'm not a creative person (honestly) so I was thrilled to discover that a colleague of mine has recently started her own company: First Moments Memories.

From Founder:

"I love celebrating big events, and finding an artful way to remember them was hard to do. There are other keepsakes that capture similar information, but either the art wasn’t engaging, or there was too much text. Nothing I found captured the true celebratory feeling of a great event.

So little by little, I started piecing together the idea of original art, creative fonts, and something versatile that could go easily into a photo album, or be a great framed piece to admire.

Every time I look at one for my son and daughter, I find myself smiling. Why not share a smile?"


katiekins said...

that is super cute.

HIP_M0M said...

Totally adorable. It's a gift that lasts a lifetime!