Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lady in Waiting

Dating while having a young son is a little challenging at times. He hears things (overhears things) and is exposed to conversations that give him a tiny bit of insight about how it all works.

I have a male friend coming in town tonight. My son asked me earlier if I have a crush on him. The question startled me, and I couldn't help but smile, and I know he assumed this meant 'yes.'

When I asked him to explain what it meant to have a crush, he said, "It's when you like someone."

"Then, yes, I suppose I do have a crush on him."

Seconds later he asked if there was going to be more boys or girls tonight. I assume he meant when my friend joins us, so I said, "There's going to be more boys than girls."

I can't even tell you how excited he was when he heard that. In a celebratory tone he stated, "I have a crush on him too, then." See, he's still in that phase of thinking that girls have cooties and he can only be friends with other boys.

I so want him to stay in this stage for a long time, considering how quickly young people grow up these days and get involved in sexual relationships much too early (in my opinion).

But then again, if he's going to learn about dating and what it means to respect, love and treat someone with affection, then I want to be the one to show him that. I want him to continue to ask me questions, because I know that he feels comfortable saying anything, (in front of anyone), no matter how much it embarrasses his mom.


Earth_Mommy said...

Oh, man, I remember dating when my teen was still little. It was a complete nightmare. I'm glad he's taking it in stride for you, though.

I once actually had a blind date with a guy who uttered the phrase, "I hate dating women with kids, the kids just get in the way of sex". Yeah, he said that - no, he didn't know I had a kid at home. And yes, I said I had to go to the ladies, and left his sorry bumm there at the table. And I called the friends who set us up on the date and gave them whatfor later lol

Luckily, I met my now wonderful husband, who happily took on the role of stepfather. I never, ever want to date again.

Ali, Ryan and Rayna said...

That is too cute, that he said that! I had a total "AAAAWWWW" moment there!

Erica said...

Soooo cute!

Good luck on the man-hunt! :-D

Erica said...

way cute! your son is so adorable! I hope you had fun on your date :)