Friday, March 20, 2009

Friends with Benefits

I've been enjoying the single life for several years now but I do miss being in a relationship and just last night, and this morning, I was reminded of the many things I miss about having a man in my life:
  • Having someone to open jars for me
  • Having someone to put my necklace on
  • Someone to protect me from crazy drunk people when walking downtown on a Saturday night
  • Someone to cuddle up on the couch with on movie night
  • Someone to start the coffee for me and bring me a hot cup while I'm still in bed
  • Having someone to negotiate high-priced items & services, such as major car repairs or electronics
  • Having someone to hold the door open for me or place his hand on the small of my back while walking through a crowd
  • Someone to drag me to action films so I can have a different perspective on what a good movie really is
  • Having someone at home waiting for me when I get home after a long day
  • Someone to fall asleep next to and wake up with each morning
  • Having someone to cook for (who's not requesting mac & cheese for every meal)
  • Having someone hand me a dry towel when there's not one there when I reach for one after my morning shower
  • Finding hair in the sink to remind me how lucky I am that I don't have that daily task to worry about
  • Someone who calls me before I get home to ask me to pick up something for him on the way
  • Having someone pump my gas for me and take out the garbage
  • Having someone buy me flowers and leave notes for me to find
  • Having someone to shop for on Valentine's Day and to pick up little surprises for on any day
  • Having a second family to spend holidays and weekends with
  • Having someone who shares bites of his steak with me
  • Having someone to discuss the daily news with
  • Someone who appreciates the little things that make a couple complete
  • Having someone to share inside jokes with
  • Someone who can communicate with me without having to say a word
What do you miss about being in a relationship? What do you enjoy about the relationship you're in currently? Be sure to acknowledge your partner for being there for you and ask him what it is about you that puts a smile to his face.


Carrie said...

i miss pretty much all the same things you miss. especially the cuddling - my cat just doesn't cuddle back very well

Brenda said...

Fantastic list! I think the only thing I'd add is having someone special with whom I share such a great connection that we're able to have mind-blowing sex! :)