Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow, I am going to be attending a workshop on self-care, hosted by dear friend and Life Coach, Cathy Northcutt. The topic of this week's one-hour retreat is loving yourself. Next week, Cathy will discuss coping strategies, all while participants are surrounded by soothing sounds and images at the Revive Day Spa & Salon in La Mesa.

Cathy has created a Meetup group for women only, called The Extreme Self-Care Women's Meetup Group so sign up now to start your journey of caring for yourself and putting yourself first.

Another advocate for balanced living, Renee Trudeau, empowers and inspires women, men and families to create the lives they desire.

She has also written a book, The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal, which will inspire moms to put themselves first (for a change).

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Darlene Siddons said...

as mothers we can use all the help we can get and all of the tools...enjoy your workshop...and here is another idea to assist you on your motherhood path...Vision Map Videos....enjoy!!!

darlene siddons