Friday, January 30, 2009

New Feature

When I first drew the road map for my website (over a year ago) I had envisioned a page in which I'd recommend some great parenting books but it never dawned on me that I'd be adding books to that list continuously.

I have recently created a Happy Healthy Hip Parenting Bookstore so that the books can be easily seen, purchased and shared. I've decided to use the blog as a place to highlight a book - once a day - simply because there are so many on that list and it just keeps growing.

Today's Parenting Book of the Day is
Life Lessons from Soccer: What Your Child Can Learn On and Off the Field-A Guide for Parents and Coaches by Vincent Fortanasce.

Parent-tested and approved by the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), this indispensable book by a parent, coach, and doctor shows soccer moms, dads, and coaches how to encourage children to look beyond winning and to turn every game and practice into an opportunity to teach life lessons.

Dr. Vincent Fortanasce applies his expertise in child development to guide parents and coaches on:
  • Emphasizing fun over performance and morality over victory
  • Understanding the way kids think and their capabilities at each developmental stage
  • Controlling their own touchline behavior
  • Instilling character, conscience, and courage in every player, regardless of talent
In Life Lessons from Soccer, Vincent Fortanasce celebrates the enchantments of soccer as a learning ground for family values and life lessons -- and for becoming closer to your children on and off the field.

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