Thursday, January 15, 2009

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About a week ago, I was contacted by BlogHer contributor, Elana Centor, after she read one of my Facebook status updates about losing my job at the beginning of the year. She was writing a post about losing one's job and how children react. She was hoping to chat about my experience for her article. We tried to arrange a phone interview but our schedules never allowed us to talk over the phone.

One night, about 2am my time, I was getting caught up on my friends' status updates on Facebook when an IM chat screen opened up. It was Elana, also experiencing insomnia, so we began to instant message about the interesting conversations I had with my son. about getting laid off. She's pretty much captured the gist of it in the final article.

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Anonymous said...

I want to continue this conversation - either on the phone or on Facebook! As I am trying to incorporate in my patois without feeling like a complete gen x wannabe - my bad. My schedule has been wicked.