Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness

My son spent a week in Hawaii with his dad. Then, I gave him about 24 hours to adjust - not only to the time change but to the climate before he and I jumped on a plane to Minnesota.

I had to go there for work, but took advantage of the fact that my family is there to spend a few extra days and bring my son along.

He spent plenty of time with his grandparents, aunt & uncle, and his cousin, who is going to be a big brother pretty soon.

It's always nice to see Cinimod so happy and excited to spend time with family. He literally jumped up and down when he learned he'd be spending time with his cousin again. They had a blast together and little JT cried when they had to say goodbye after the two of them spent the entire day together (with Grandma).

Today, though, before we got on the plane to return to San Diego, my son tried a couple of times to hug JT goodbye. I think he was sad to see Cinimod go. He wouldn't hug him and refused to give him a high-five (he gave everyone else one).

It's nice to know we'll be missed but I know it'll be that much sweeter as the boys get older and are able to really hang out and spend some much-needed male bonding time together as they grow up together.

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